Michaels Land Rover Log

Hello Land Rover World

Welcome to my new blog and my first post. Many sane people will wonder, as I will at some later date, why am starting a new blog and a new website. In my defense, this is only partially a new website as it is piggybacked onto Just British. But as for the new blog part, I have no defense.

I am starting this blog to keep track of my search for a Land Rover Discovery and then hopefully to track its development and maintenance after purchase.

On hearing that I am looking for a Land Rover,  more than a few friends and family have told me long stories of poor dependability and high cost of ownership. Simply put, I don’t believe them.

I believe most of the problems, if not all, come down to poor maintenance, lack of use, and some possible abuse. This blog will be my record of proving them wrong and me right. Or at least that’s what I hope it does. It would suck to go the other way around.

What I’m looking for is a nice, inexpensive, but in good condition Discovery II. I decided on the Discovery II as it is newer and has worthwhile refinements over the first generation Discovery, but is still in the affordable range compared to the LR 3. Plus, I simply like the looks.

I am looking for a Land Rover at all because I need a vehicle to tow my other British cars to far-away car shows and to tow a small camper that may be in our future. That said, because of who I am and the online magazine I run, the tow vehicle needs to be British. That pretty much leaves us in Land Rover territory.