Michaels Land Rover Log

It Leaks

Well of course it does! It is not that bad actually, and it is to be expected. It is leaking around the sunroof. Although I had seen stains before, I had never seen actual water until now. Strange because it has been in the rain before now, and I have driven it in the rain a few times. 

Today’s rain wasn’t heavy, but must have hit in just the right way to drive the water on through. I noticed drips from the rear view mirror and then, when I stopped hard, a small stream from the overhead switch area. 

Again, this doesn’t bother me much. It is fixable, common, and more an annoyance than anything else. Besides, I have driven British cars – mostly convertibles – all my life. This is a walk in the park. 

Oh! And notice in the pictures above … I got cup holders! Got them of a Disco in the local junkyard for only about $15.