Michaels Land Rover Log

Surveying The Damage

I was going to post these last week when I took them, but then life intervened.

So it appears that the bolts holding the caliper retaining bracket just backed out entirely. They are gone. No damage to the caliper, bracket, hub, or disk. The back shield is shot, as are the brake pads and the brake hose.

I have already gotten the replacement pads, and the new hose should be here in the next day or two. I am still looking for the shield. I thought there was one at the local junkyard, but they scrapped both the Discos they had. Bad timing!

Anyway, hopefully she will be back together in time to make the drive up to Columbia, SC, this Saturday for the Midlands Centre British Car Day  held in conjunction with the Scottish games and festival.

And the cause of the problem itself? Must be my handiwork. Not the Land Rover’s fault. I either didn’t torque the bolts down enough, or put in too much anti-seize compound, or something. At the very least I didn’t go back and recheck my work later. Always inspect then inspect again. Especially when you’re talking wheels and brakes.

Guess I should get that new tire before I hit the highway this weekend too. Need to have a spare. Oh, and a jack.