Michaels Land Rover Log

Again With The Brakes?!

Well, something just isn’t right. Now there is a scraping sound and when I step on the brakes something clunks. Nope, it shouldn’t do that. It is not quite subtle, but not horrible either. I thought about just nursing her on home, but then again, I don’t want it to become horrible or for anything to break.

So, I have pulled over and called AAA. Again. I wonder if they keep track of this and are going to say something in the near future?

I will tell you this though, if you are going to have to sit around and wait for a tow truck, you could do worse than to be stopped across the street from one of the best barbecue restaurants in Charleston. Yup, sitting here at Rodneys Scott’s BBQ waiting for the tow truck. Darn, I just had to get a snack.

And then tomorrow I will take the wheels off. And tear the brakes apart. Again. At least the 4-year-old neighbor boy will get a charge out of seeing the tow truck visit again.

I am getting tired of saying, “again.”

UPDATE: Luckily just a loose bolt. Quickly remedied once I got it home.  While I was in fixing that however, I did a few other jobs like adding anti-squeal compound behind the brake pads and replace the missing dust-shield / backing plate that was destroyed in the last mishap.  So, here is your reminder – check those torque specs and go back over your work. In never hurts to double check, especially after a few days or a few hundred miles.