So, I lucked out. I got a text alert from the local do-it-yourself junkyard that they had gotten another Disco in. I keep that alert going even when I don’t desperately need any parts just in case they get something good. And in this case, it paid off. The Disco they had gotten in had a BajaRack roof rack.

Now, this was obviously not in brand-new pristine condition, but since they retail for about $1150 new (plus another $200 or so for shipping) I was quite happy to get a shot at it. My co-workers who were at lunch with me when the alert came in couldn’t believe how excited I was. Nor could they believe that I was going to leave work early to stand in the pouring rain to get this thing. But, I knew that if I didn’t get there quickly then someone else would. I am not the only crazy Land Rover owner around.

Roof Rack Find - BajaRack for Discovery at Junk Yard

Retrieving the rack took about an hour. The hardest part was that I was doing this all by myself. I had to take loose all the mounting hardware, get the 100-pound rack off the roof of the junkyard car, lug it and my tools out, and then mount it on my Land Rover. Remember, since it is a roof rack it is far too big to go inside my ride so the only way I had to get it home was to install it. Try putting one of these things up on the roof of your Discovery single-handed. Without denting or scratching the Discovery. Not easy.

And yes, the junkyard guys stood inside, out of the rain, watched me, and laughed.  But in the end, I got it done and had the last laugh. I got the rack for $75 plus tax and environmental fees (wtf?) which all-told came to about $87. Not a bad hours work.

I am sanding down some rust spots and shooting them with flat black Rustoleum. I think it looks pretty good if I do say so myself.